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Laser Welder (iWELD)

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It's for precious metals as a dedicated welder features precision parts, welding, jewelry processing, welding dental prosthetics, sensors, etc. to fit the optimal conditions.


  • No distortion, Shrink of base material
  • No [pore, blow(pin)hole, bubble, color change by welding
  • Weldable into deep, narrow corner
  • Build up welding possible at target point, up to target thickness
  • Preheating is not required as laser welding heat is applied at target point only, instantly
  • Wide range of alloy metals, hard metal (up to HRc), specialty metals can be welded


Laser Crystal Nd YAG
Wavelength 1064nm
Beam Divergence, minimum (Note 1) ~3mRad
Minimum pulse energy Joules/model
Rated power Watts/model
Maximum pulse power KW/model
Single/continuous pulses Selectable
Pulse duration Model dependent
Laser class 4(operator)
WxHxD(cm), without microscope Model dependent
Weight(kg) Model dependent
Electrical connections V/model