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Laser Welding Machine (VISION150)

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[VISION150]Laser welder

It's suitable for development, modification and repair welding of precision welding.
It can be applied for various parts of injection mold equipment and could be the best one for beginners that can be easily welded.


  • No distortion, Shrink of base material
  • No [pore, blow(pin)hole, bubble, color change by welding
  • Weldable into deep, narrow corner
  • Build up welding possible at target point, up to target thickness
  • Preheating is not required as laser welding heat is applied at target point only, instantly
  • Wide range of alloy metals, hard metal (up to HRc), specialty metals can be welded


Beam Source Nd-YAG
Pump Source Flash Lamp
Operation Mode Pulsed
Maximum Average 150W(Optional 200W)
Maximum pulse energy 80J
Focus Length 190mm
Spot diameter 250μm - 2000μm
Flash lamp voltage 160V-500V
Pulse duration 1ms-20ms
Pulse fill mode 0.1ms-1ms
Pulse repetition frequency Single pulse, 1Hz~20Hz
Pulse width modulations 1~100%
Control Multi-microprocessor control 50 parameters
Monitoring optics LEICA stereo microscope, total magnification 20X
Shielding gas 1 connection, switched, flexible exhaust
Cooling System Completely integrated, closed cycle cooling system with water/air heat exchanger
Equipment configuration Modular, optical fiber signal connection, processor bus system
Casing Construction Open, laser protection class 4 separate laser head
Power Supply 3-phase, 400 v / 50-60 Hz, 16 a maximum power consumption 4 KW
Dimension -laser head 180 x 300 x 830 mm/approx. 15 kg
-supply unit 500 x 900 x 800 mm/approx. 70 kg